What is Glucosa Factor?

by Al Needleman

What is Glucosa Factor?

Glucosa Factor combines clinically proven ayurvedic herbs into a proprietary approach to support healthy results.

The successful properties of Glucosa are based on years of research to identify specific, highly-revered Ayurvedic herbs, which when paired, are effective in promoting healthy metabolic function: addressing blood sugar imbalances and other critical diabetes and metabolic health.

High Blood Glucose Solution

The Ayurvedic herbal ingredients comprising the Glucosa formula provide a powerful defense against type 2 diabetes, high blood glucose levels, unbalanced A1c levels and the disabling and crippling effects of untreated high blood glucose levels.


Alpha Lipoic acid, Cinnamon extract 4:1, Amla extract 40% Tannina, Gymnema extract 75% gymnemic acid, Barberry extract, Tumeric extract, Fenugreek extract, Pro Tribulus 400, Gluco help, bioperine.

7 Additional Benefits of Glucosa Factor Ayurvedic Medicine:

In addition to lowering high Blood Glucose, this dietary supplement may:

  1. Help Lower Stress and Anxiety
  2. Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  3. Help with Recovery from Injuries and Illnesses
  4. Supplement a Nutrient-Dense, Antioxidant-Rich Diet
  5. Help with Weight Loss or Maintenance
  6. Lower Inflammation
  7. Help with Hormonal Balance

Optimal Blood Sugar Health:

Glucosa formula energy protects vital organs like the kidneys and the liver and 
more-over its known property to protect the Pancreas.

Supporting Lower Glucose:

Studies of Glucosa formula lowered glucose indicate the ability of the formula to reduce diabetic complications: degenerative eye diseases, diabetic neuropathy, macro vascular diseases and lower extremity problems. Lowered glucose levels enable diabetics to lead a normal life.

Supporting Lower Cholesterol:

One way to maintain a healthy heart is to increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.

Two Ayurvedic herbs in the formula help control cholesterol and improve heart health. Cholesterol is something that the body needs to build and maintain cellular health.

Technically it is known as a lipid and is a fatty or wax-like material that circulates in the bloodstream.

There are two kinds of cholesterol, they are: LDL - the "bad" cholesterol that can cling to arterial walls and create blockages that result in strokes and heart attacks. HDL - the good type that is going to actually protect from heart disease.

We get cholesterol from our foods, but our bodies can also make it too. Hence this leads to high levels of cholesterol in the arteries.

The Ayurvedic herbs in the Glucosa formula can assist in lowering high cholesterol.

Supporting Lower Weight Loss:

Obesity is on the surge, and at a skyrocketing pace.

While a good diet rich in whole grains, proteins, and healthy fats and a consistent exercise regimen play pivotal roles in weight loss.

The complications of high blood glucose levels interferes with a basic weight loss plan.

Ayurvedic herbs in the Glucosa formula play a role in promoting weight loss. These herbs help in averting fluid retention, promoting metabolism, curbing appetite levels, and thus ensuring healthy weight loss.

Glucosa Factor is New and it's Special:

Glucosa (The Glucosa Defense) is a unique combination of Ayurvedic herbs whose clinical history goes back to 300 BC, during this first period of organized medical care and the disease curing ability of Atharva Veda. 

Glucosa Factor

Glucosa scientists developed a method to isolate the primary active Ayurvedic herbs, synergistic and compatible with each other in formula, proven to generate effective results. 

Why You Can Expect Results:

The fundamentals of the Ayurvedic system are essentially true for all time and do not change from age to age because the results are based on human actions, and intrinsic causes, i.e., high blood glucose and returning your body to a balanced state.

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