Ayurvedic Practices to Boost Energy

by Alan Sporn

Ayurvedic Practices to Boost Energy

There is a current epidemic of fatigue in our society.

So many people are frequently complaining about feeling tired and lifeless.

It affects our ability to accomplish long-term goals, and everyday tasks - adding to the stress we already experience.

Maharishi Ayurveda explained this “epidemic” of extreme fatigue as a result of overuse, misuse or a lack thereof.

Meaning we are either doing too much, the wrong things, or not enough of what we should be doing.

There simply is no balance.

There are three doshas associated with the three types of fatigue our body feels - Vata dosha (Mental), Pitta dosha (Emotional) and Kapha dosha (Physical). 

All three of these fatigues are most often caused by impurities from improperly digested or processed foods.

Seeking out a Maharishi Ayurveda practitioner can provide a more detailed analysis into healing fatigue for you personally, but here are some of my own practices that can naturally help improve your energy levels.

Practice Better Sleeping Habits

Sufficient sleep can make or break your mood, energy levels and overall motivation.

It sounds simple but I know just as well as anyone that sleep tends to take a back seat to other things in our life.


Do these things before bedtime to experience uninterrupted, recovery-supporting sleep.

  • Turn off any bright lights (Electronics)
  • Meditate/pray or whatever gets your mind into a peaceful state.
  • Get active in the day time so that you are ready for rest when night comes!

Also, studies have shown that electronic devices contribute to anxiety and prevent proper sleeping habits. Be sure to put down the devices before sleep!

Prioritizing Mindful Eating Habits

Many of us tend to neglect the importance of what and how we replenish our bodies.

It is not entirely our faults as this is most likely due to our fast paced/convenient/money-focused society.

However, if we cannot take the time to eat mindfully then we cannot expect our bodies to respond in a way that provides vital energy and health.

Ayurvedic practice utilizes special (Whole and natural) diets to combat each type of fatigue:

  • Vata-pacifying diet
  • Pitta-pacifying diet
  • Kapha-pacifying diet

    Based on what kind of fatigue you are experiencing, you can choose a diet plan that’s suitable for you.

    Following a diet rich in these foods is crucial to proper recovery.

    Stay Hydrated

    A lack of hydration is one of the leading contributing factors to low energy.

    This is probably the easiest thing you can add to your daily life right now that will make a difference!

    Our bodies contain anywhere from 55-60% water (If you were unaware) so you can see how we need enough to even function.

    We eliminate waste and regulate the functioning of our bodies with adequate water intake.

    So don’t neglect water as a way to boost energy!

    Practice Meditation

    There’s an imbalance of Vata dosha when it comes to mental fatigue.

    Mental fatigue will drain you very quickly but you need to take time to re-center yourself in order to combat these stresses.

    Relax your mind!

    • Meditate
    • Enjoy the outdoors
    • Practice yoga
    • Surround yourself with positivity
    • Utilize essential oils
    • Use Ayurvedic approved teas

    When you are happy with yourself and not worried about too many things, you’ll see how your body thanks you with extra energy!

    Get More Active (Combat Physical Fatigue)

    A known cause of a lack of energy is a lack of movement. A Kapha imbalance creates conflict between physical exhaustion and recovery.

    Ayurvedic remedies for this imbalance are:

    • An exercise program (Not too strenuous) to keep trim.
    • A frequent (Possibly daily) Ayurvedic massage (Known as abhyanga)
    • Elimination of caffeine
    • Priority to get more rest
    • A good full-spectrum antioxidant

    Through these methods of treatment you can restore your physical fatigue and get your energy back by being active and also recuperating through proper supplementation and rest.

    Why Not Live with More Energy?

    Ayurvedic practices for improved energy requires the body to work together in all areas.

    Lifestyle changes (Exercise and enjoyment in life) in combination with Ayurvedic recommended herbals and teas will aid drastically in recovery from all forms of fatigue.

    You’ll start to feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by getting your body into a balanced state.

    You’re body wants you to sleep well, eat well, be hydrated and manage stress properly.

    In turn, it’ll function the way it was intended too.

    Practice good habits for a healthy life and try Glucosa Factor. 

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