About Glucosa Factor

by Al Needleman

About Glucosa Factor

Glucosa Factor was founded in Boca Raton, Florida with a mission to research and create unique natural healing products that benefit the body, mind and spirit.

Our first product, Glucosa Factor, has changed people’s lives and inspired us to continue our mission.

We’re now building a community under the Glucosa Factor name with helpful articles, interviews, and expanding our product offering into areas complimentary to the health conscious people we’ve served for years.

Products by the Best Doctors

The doctors at the National Research Institute of Ayurvedic Drug Development, Central Council for Research in Ayurveda Science, reviewed Glucosa capsules and the patented “Glucosa Defense”; our combination of clinically proven and highly revered Ayurvedic herbs.

Their scientific studies found that when paired in Glucosa healthy metabolic function was promoted by addressing blood sugar imbalances and other critical diabetes and metabolic health issues.

Glucosa Factor

The Glucosa formula has since been clinically proven to successfully lower high blood glucose and cholesterol, and stimulate healthy weight loss. Fifty four (54) articles were written containing the results of sixty two (62) human clinical trials.

The Glucosa Factor patented formula represents the combination of Ayurvedic herbs proven most effective in those trials.

There’s a lot more products coming with the same quality standards, so stay tuned…

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