5 Changes To Start An Ayurvedic Life

by Al Needleman

5 Changes To Start An Ayurvedic Life

Harried, rushed, unfocused: if these words describe your life, it’s time for a change.

But in the panic of following your planner, how can you take a step back?

Adopting an Ayurvedic life might offer an answer.

This 5,000-year-old philosophy will help you reconnect with yourself, and it might be the answer to slowing down, becoming more present, and finding more meaning in your life.

What is the Philosophy Behind Ayurveda?

Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit words that translate to ‘the science of life.’ That’s an apt description, as this system of natural healing strives to understand and explore the connections between everything in the universe.

Rather than merely treating your symptoms, Ayurvedic medicine keeps you in alignment with the larger world for optimal health.

No matter what your spiritual beliefs entail, you can benefit from adopting a more Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Five Steps to Start an Ayurvedic Life for Beginners

Interested in Ayurveda but overwhelmed with getting started? Incorporate the philosophy into your life with these five steps.

  • 1. Try an Ayurvedic Cleanse
  • Beginners to Ayurveda will get more of a benefit if they start their routine with a one-week Ayurvedic cleanse.

    While a full cleanse is known as a Panchakarma and must be completed with an Ayurvedic practitioner, you can get started on your own by following these suggestions:

    • Eat meals that follow the kitchari diet, meaning they consist only of rice, light spices, cooked vegetables, and clarified butter.
    • Stay away from all snacks besides rice pudding or sautéed vegetables.
    • Sip hot water and green tea throughout the day.

    After you complete a one-week cleanse, you can slowly reincorporate other foods into your diet like meat and dairy, though it’s best to continue with kitchari foods as much as possible.

  • 2. Keep a Consistent (Early) Bedtime

    A central premise of living an Ayurvedic life is keeping consistent routines, and regulating your bedtime can make a significant impact.

    Pitta Controls Digestion, Metabolism and Energy Production in the body. It is One of the three Ayurvedic energy centers, begins working around 10 pm.

    As Pitta is associated with digestion, an early bedtime can help you stay regular.

  • 3. Eat Hot, Cooked Food
  • Digestion is considered key to good health in Ayurvedic medicine, so give your system an advantage by feeding it cooked food that’s easier for your stomach to break down.

    Hot-temperature food is best, as your body will expend less energy warming it up.

    Once you look closely at your diet, you’ll notice how many cool-temperature foods you regularly fill up on (salads, sandwiches, juices), and swapping these out for sautéed veggies or a steaming soup will align you with an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

  • 4. Develop a Meditation Routine
  • One of the best ways to connect with your body is by cultivating a meditation routine.

    Taking time to breathe deeply will clear your head, and it has impressive health benefits, as research shows that regular meditation sessions can lead to weight loss, lower stress levels, and even improved cognitive abilities.

    If you’re overwhelmed at the idea of learning to meditate, consider using an app to guide the process. Headspace App can help you learn to meditate faster than you expect.

    You can also practice bringing yourself into the present moment with kapalabhati, a breathing technique where you use your abdominal muscles to push your belly through a series of forceful exhalations.

    It also provides you with an excellent workout!

  • 5. Indulge in Daily Oil Massages

    A central tenet of Ayurveda is regular massage. This helps nourish your tissues, un-tense your muscles, and relax your mind.

    You can give yourself a daily oil massage with organic oils like almond oil before taking a shower or warm bath.

    Massage the oil into your limbs with long, vigorous strokes and circular motions that help it penetrate your skin.

    It’s also smart to oil your feet before bed to ground them in place for a good night’s sleep.

    If you’re concerned about staining your sheets, be sure to wear socks.

    Develop an Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Holistic Wellness

    It’s easier than you think to follow the principles of Ayurveda in daily life.

    Follow these five tips, and you’ll go through your days more centered, relaxed, and warmed from the inside out.

    Try them for yourself, and you’ll see why the practice has been revered for five thousand years and is set to last forever. 

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